WordSleuth Puzzles

These puzzles are data files for the WordSleuth-Player app, available on the iTunes Store. (If you download WordSleuth-Maker you can make your own!)

Depending on what browser you use, when you follow one of these links on your iPad it will give you the option of opening the file in WordSleuth-Player or WordSleuth-Maker (assuming you have installed both). If you open in WordSleuth-Player, you can do the puzzle, then return to your browser to find another. The puzzles will not be saved on your iPad. If you wish to save a puzzle on your iPad, you will need to open in WordSleuth-Maker and select "Duplicate". This will allow you to specify a document name, and the document will be saved to your library.

Early readers

These are suitable for beginning readers. Word sets are short, and all words run from left to right.

Sight words

These puzzles use sight words for early readers.

Simple phonetic word families

These simple phonetics follow the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern.

Gaining confidence

These puzzles are suited for readers who have mastered the early sight words and CVC word patterns. They have more words, and also include words going top-to-bottom.

Sight Words

Longer sight words/common words. (Some of the themed word lists are quite long … probably too long for many children at this level. Use them for readers looking for more challenging tasks, or use WordSleuth-Maker to edit them.)

Long-vowel word families

Single syllable words that use long vowel sounds and no consonant combinations except sh, ch, th and wh.

Other common families