Linear Programming

These web pages provide a series of interactive lessons on Linear Programming. They are not intended to be used instead of a text book, but as a supplement to give students another way of exploring the subject material.

These pages make use of a Java applet to allow student interaction with the various graphs presented. The applet may take a minute or two to load the first time you open a page that includes it. After that it should start in a couple of seconds.

Each section includes some exercises. Answers to the exercises are provided, and students should check their work before progressing. Whenever you get an answer incorrect, make sure you take the time to understand where you went wrong. Incorrect answers can be a great opportunity to learn if you do this.

Some of the answer pages include additional teaching points.

The lessons

  1. Introduction to linear programming
  2. Concept of a feasible region
  3. Non-integer solutions
  4. Objective functions
  5. More complex feasible regions
  6. More objective functions
  7. Extremum point theorem
  8. Constructing and solving linear models

Copyright Glen Prideaux, 2002.
These pages may be freely copied for non-commercial use.
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