Graphpaper generator

When you click 'Generate' this page will generate a two page PDF file containing graph paper to match your specifications. (It generates two pages to facilitate two-sided printing.)

(tested almost exclusively with mm)

Margins: Enter one number (and the others blank) for all margins equal. Enter two numbers for symmetrical (Left/Right) and (Top/Bottom) margins. Otherwise enter L, R, T, B.

Style: we can have lines or dots or both. We have a major spacing, and a number of minor divisions between each major. (For example, to have 10mm major spacing and 2mm minor spacing, set major spacing to 10 and subdivisions to 5.) You can specify vertical and horizontal spacing separately. For logarithmic spacing, minor spacing is adaptive.

Major divisions:
Minor divisions:
Note: dots are drawn with the weight and colour of horizontal lines.

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